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          Anything good is worth waiting for. From the pix that
Jerry posted of his 40' car, I'm impressed enough to order
a couple myself. If it takes 6 months for them to get to me,
that's fine. By then the snow will have returned to Vermont
and it will be building season again. He can't be any slower
than Sunshine's mailings!

Fred Freitas

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I've found you need to have a lot pf patience when dealing with Rocket Express. He will eventually reply, but it may take a longer time than you expect.

I bought some of his N scale resin kits, they took a long time to arrive but they are nice.

- Claus Schlund

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Sorry my response came out harsh. It wasn't meant to be. I've seen varried problems with contacting Ron. I don't know if he travels or what so keep trying - it's worth it. I have both of his boxcar kits in HO the 40' one assembled and shown at:
http://home. ~jerryglow/ modeling/ RI_autobox. html

Jerry Glow

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I think Ron was at Naperville last fall. At least I thought I talked to him. The URL you give comes up and gives ron@... under contacts. If your bud can't figure that out he sure ain't going to build a resin kit.

sad but true
Jerry Glow

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I received the email below. Can anyone help to how to contact the Rocket Express guy?

"I've been trying to contact a resin kit manufacturer (CRIP boxcars and a caboose) named Rocket Express for some time now without a response. They mentioned going to Naperville's RPM meet, so I wondered if you knew anything about them - are they still in business?"


Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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