Re: Rolling stock as scenery

Tim O'Connor

I totally agree Tom. The North Shore club has an ideal spot
for a RIP facility, with 3 stub tracks on the aisle near the
main yard and engine facility. I've advocated modeling this
as a car repair facility and actually leaving two tracks open
for genuine "bad order" freight cars (which we always seem to
have) and then populating the other track with cars up on
jacks, welding equipment, etc -- cars as scenery.

No one seems to like the idea.

Tim O'Connor

Maybe that's how to overcome the Better Homes & Gardens effect - put a line of idle gons or box cars on the far track, or at the end of a few sidings. They wouldn't be a factor in an operating session so presumably wouldn't impose themselves on your conscienceness. They'd just be there, as scenery, "present but not voting".

Just some thoughts of a wandering mind.

Tom Madden

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