Re: Rolling stock as scenery

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tom Madden says:

"I don't have a layout but occasionally operate on the layouts of friends. It's always bothered me that, at the end of a session, every piece of rolling stock on the layout has been dealt with."

I guess you haven't operated here yet.<G>. Heck, we end up with entire trains that never move during a session. Most of the time they can't [ something's in the way ]. Sometimes we don't even know where they are. I try to operate realistically.<G>.

Maybe that's how to overcome the Better Homes & Gardens effect - put a line of idle gons or box cars on the far track, or at the end of a few sidings. They wouldn't be a factor in an operating session so presumably wouldn't impose themselves on your conscienceness.
Well...such cars...sometimes significant numbers...regretfully do become factors in my sessions. Bruce Smith might say, "What are these gons doing on the far siding at Buford? They're in the way." My reply:

Bill Schneider replies: "Buford? Who cares..."

They'd just be there, as scenery, "present but not voting".

You're kidding...right?

Mike Brock

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