Re: Rolling stock as scenery


To say nothing about how many wound up as storage or whatever on farms and other locations.....

Jerry Glow

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Back in the late 50's and early 60's ( up to the early 70's) the Santa Fe would fill most of the sidings between  Barstow and Needles, CA with ice reefers with the hatches and doors open to dry out in late spring and summer. I used to repeat this scene on my layout with about 25 SFRD ice reefers. When I would notice the reefers out on the desert, these cars came out their box's for a few months of drying then go back to the shelf (on paper they had been sent else where for use). Then a MOW train of bunk cars, tool cars and supplies would show up on some of the sidings for awhile. Santa Fe also kept several 10 car strings of reefers at Summit on the Cajon Pass to be added to downhill west bounds as braking cars with the retainer valves set.
Michael Bishop

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