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I have also been noticing the same thing when visiting layouts, and < I have many tell me the challenge is to "do that AND build a layout > in one lifetime". I am not sure the two are mutually exclusive, but
agree that it is a big challenge.

AHHH, but that "challenge" has been mitigated for so many by the number of items now offered already built; the ready-to-run trend so often complained of by fastidious modelers in the past. Personally I find that many of today's ready-to-run, factory assenbled cars have better detailing than the level of detailing many of us were building to prior to the current trend. This fact has moved some to achieve a still higher level of detailing but mostly I have noticed it has provided the time for more and more modelers to begin constructing their own pike. To me it is the greatest win-win situation we have seen in years! Those of us who have been without a place to operate at home for any length of time know well the frustration it creates.
The more who have time to construct a home pike of any size I expect the more the hobby will really grow. Have you noticed the decline in comments about how the hobby is shrinking since so many well done, ready-to-run models have come into the marketplace???

Just my two bits worth, Don Valentine

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