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Bernd Schroeder

Hi Ed,

what issue would that be ? The online store description for the Eagle contents are not exactly detailed...

I do appreciate that the MPHS has also joined those Historical societies which are open for worldwide online business (I am from Germany, FWIW)


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There is a builder photo of PCX #4000 in the Burlington
Historical Society "Bulletin" #12. If I recall this car
is stenciled built in 1956.
Tim and Rupert,
The caption of PCX 4000 states the cars were built in 1956 by PC&F, but
the build date of PCX 4000 can clearly be read as 6-57. According to
the 1956 list of orders in Railway Age dated 1/14/57, Packers Car Line
ordered 400 refrigerator cars in June 1956 with delivery specified as
August 1957. The PCX 4000 made it two months earlier.

The April 1957 ORER lists the 400 cars in series PCX 4000-4399 with an
asterisk denoting additions. While there were 400 cars listed in this
ORER, the number of cars in service at that time had to be a projection
since they weren't actually built for two to four months thereafter.

By the way, 3 of these PCX cars appeared in MP Train 70 on March 26,
1959, departing Kansas City destined for St. Louis. All 3 cars
originated in Kansas City with "PHP" (packing house products). Once in
St. Louis, all 3 cars proceeded to E. St. Louis on the Terminal
Railroad Association of St. Louis for eastern destinations.

PC 4377 went on the PRR and N&W with a final destination of Norfolk,
Va., PCX 4053 went on the PRR to Pittsburgh, and PCX 4073 went on the
NYC to Albany, New York.

These cars are shown in a lengthy wheel report table along with a B&W
photo of PCX 4142 and color photo of PCX 4235 in a special double issue
of the MPHS Eagle, available for on-line purchase at
(shameless plug).
Ed Hawkins


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