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Coal has been an important resource mined at many locations in western Canada for over 150 years.

In the STMFC era, coal consumption of railways in Canada was as follows --

Nova Scotia bituminous coal was used in all Maritime Provinces and Quebec and as far west as Cornwall, Ontario. NS coal was shipped mainly by barge from Sydney.

US coal was imported for Ontario (west of Cornwall), Manitoba and Saskatchewan (as far west as Regina and Saskatoon). CPR obtained U.S. coal from Cambridge Collieries in Cambridge, Ohio, in which CPR had a heavy financial interest. CNR similarly had interests in a U.S. mine. U.S. coal was often shipped by boat on the great lakes or by rail during the winter.

Coal from mines at Crowsnest Pass and Canmore and Bankhead, Alberta was used in western Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Coal from the many mines in the Crowsnest Pass was used in southern Alberta and southern B.C.

Coal from Jasper Park mines was used on the Grand Trunk Pacific lines west of Watrous, Saskatchewan and between Edmonton and Calgary.

Coal from mines on Vancouver Island was used on the Grand Trunk Pacific line east from Prince George.

Hope this helps.

John Riddell

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