Re: Rolling stock as scenery


In Valley, NE, the old UP stockyards had two tracks paralleling the loading chutes to the main barn that stretched for more than a mile in length. Out the outside track (away from the chutes) many stock cars were parked after they were unloaded. Depending upon the need for cars to continue the trip to the Omaha packing houses (about 25 miles to the east), a car(s) would be pulled out to be loaded. Many times that outside track was "stock" full (pardon the pun) of cars.

An overflow would often occur with the excess cars parked along double-ended spurs, east and one west of the stockyard siding. These spurs are still in existance and grain cars are occasionally parked ther.

Just a few miles west of Valley there is a siding at Mercer where bad-order cars, or MOW cars are frequently set out from the UP mainline. They will often set along the double-main for days or even weeks.

Jack Hanger
Fremont, NE

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