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Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...>


         I thank thee for clearing it up, finally!

Fred Freitas

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Fred, not what you asked the first time, hence the comments about pointy axles. With this new information should be a piece of cake and the gentleman will have his wheel sets. The reference to Tichy should be a good bet for accurate looking wheels for this project.

For Dennis, check out some pictures or drawings of real axles, the ends ride in bearings that that fit around the end of the axle just as with an automobile, and the bearing surface is parallel. Like a stick in a doughnut. Pointed ends would not sustain the weight of the car. They are cheaper to make for models and do the job reasonably well given the light weight involved.

John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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The gentleman asked for the wheels sets to remove the wheels and toss the axles

He is finishing a project and needed a few dozen more individual wheels.

Fred Freitas

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What do you pointed axles? How in the heck did they roll then?

Inquiring minds have to know.

Denis Blake

North Hamlet Shops, OH

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--- In STMFC@yahoogroups. com, "Fred Freitas" <prrinvt@... > wrote:
A fellow listr asked for surplus wheel sets in plastic on metal
axles to finish a gond load of wheels. I must humbly admit to loosing the
requesters address "somewhere" in the paper pile on my desk. Please
contact me off list as I will be happy to ship the now packed box of
Fred Freitas
Bennington, VT
Keep in mind that real wheel sets did not have pointed axle ends like our
models. Thus a gon load or engine facility scene will not look
Bill Williams
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