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Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Jim it sounds like the layout owner is not using the CC/WB system as it was intended. Most owners using a CC/WB system have a car
card for each car on the layout. And there is a waybill for each CC. The WB's I use are four sided, with a little number in the
corner to help me in turning the WBs. Such WB's have four destinations for the car, and they are turned to the next destination
between operating sessions, NOT during the session. Once a car arrives at the destination noted on the WB, it stays there unless
there are special instructions in addition to the WB. IE I have an insert for meat reefers giving instructions for all the spots
at my meat packing plant.

Between Op Sessions I flip the WBs to show the next destination, no one else does this.

Along with CC/WBs I also have CC boxes at each town marked: setout, hold, pickup. When a car is delivered to an industry in that
town the corresponding CC is put in the setout box. The operator checks the CCs in the pickup box to see if any cars should be
picked up, ie cars going in the same direction or to the same yard or staging yard. The hold box is for cars I (the owner)
determine should not be moved during that session. Some cars are a quick turn around, ie stock cars, other cars may be held for
several sessions, ie the scenery cars. Some owners will have a fourth box for "offspot" cars. If I choose I can leave a lot of CCs
in the hold box, meaning they must remain in town at their spot.

A town may be worked by several different trains, ie an EB and a WB local. A through freight may drop off cars on a siding for
later arriving local to spot. It depends upon your operating design. As the owner I control what cars are moved and how frequently
they are moved. I have many cars that are not moved during an Op Session, it is by design.

Doug Harding

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