Re: General american tank cars from Red Caboose

Richard Hendrickson


I think Bill is referring to the brass models.
Duh! Of course he is. My apologies, guys. Bill, I have seen pilot models
of the RC brass GATC tank cars and they're very good. The Crystal Car Line
cars have been sent back to Korea for repainting, as they turned out to be
coral pink rather than red. The rest are being shipped even as we speak.
I'm getting Staley (a big fleet that traveled all over in corn oil and corn
syrup service), Crystal Car Line (also used to ship vegetable oils of
various kinds), and an undec that I'll letter for GATX. The Army and NATX
p/l are too late for me, and the SP cars didn't go off-line much.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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