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My pleasure! I hope it was taken in the spirit of fun.

Elden Gatwood

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that's the funniest thing I have read in a while... Thanks for that, Elden.
SPF and proud of it!
Clark Cone
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We have a lot in common. I can't resist this one....

Being a lifelong hater of all other roads other than the PRR, I have
neglected to buy anything other than Pennsy rolling stock and engines.
Non-Standard Railroads? Sheesh. Round, fat, fireboxes; fat railfans,
humble, competent employees, black ink on accounting statements, tiny
numbers of everything, logical numbering, a lack of over-bearing
dominance over neighboring roads and on and on.

Well, my layout looks kinda funny. Nothing like the real thing. Where
did those other cars in photos come from? Where are they going? I just
want Pennsy freight cars to run around in circles. Reality is confusing!

I have also started, grudingly to buy non-Pennsy cars. The trouble is,
they have hyphens in the classes, where there are classes! And, what
are these Lot numbers? Or, how about these cars that change lot numbers and
What is up with that? What about railroads that have clases that don't
agree with those of the PRR I have memorized? Do I have to use them?

So, like a you-know-what in the elevator, I am asking, what are these
cars, and how many do I need?

Just in fun,

Elden Gatwood

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