Re: calcium carbide containers (was NC&StL gondolas)

Tim O'Connor

SP had some calcium carbide container cars. The containers
were cylindrical, and closed. I don't know if the stuff was
powdered, or in a slurry form. Anyone know?


I do know that the NC&StL went to Gadsen, AL which was the sight of a large steel works. I think it was called Republic Steel. Anyway, I think the container gons hauled calcium carbide which one its uses was to de-sulfur pig iron, cast steel, and steel.

The containers were put in solid bottom, solid end, steel gondolas for transport.

Mainline Modeler did a great article on these cars a few years back. Again, I'll try to remember when I get home to send everyone a detailed account of these cars.

- Steve H., Everett, WA

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