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Donald B. Valentine

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I was disappointed to see that the history of this car was basically
ignored. Built as a clone of the 1927 cars, the measurements shown
in the drawing indicate that it was rebuilt to the 12' 11" eave
height at some point. However, I was happy to see the underframe
agrees with the photos I have of the FGE reefer at the B&O museum,
indicating that the underbody arrangement of the IM model is most
likely incorrect, or reflects an unusual version.

You have good reason to wonder if the IM model might be incorrect based upon past experience, Bruce. IM's GPEX milk tank car is grossly incorrect in the slope of the roof and the curvature where it rolls over the tops of the sides, a fact that was pointed out to them with the pre-production test shots but never corrected. Some manufacturers still show little interest in accuracy. At least with the underframe it is out of sight if one doesn't wish to correct it. That's hard to do with the roof issue. I'd probably own about twenty of the IM milk car had it been done correctly but have settled with about half that number from Overland in a fleet of 45 milk cars.

Don Valentine

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