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Donald B. Valentine

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Hi Bruce,

I have an abrasive blast cabinet that is big enough to do car parts
(lower control arms, exhaust manifolds etc).

I use aluminium oxide or garnet and the used material fills the
hopper at the bottom of the cabinet and feeds back into the hose
that leads to the gun, so it recycles.

I have used one of North Coast's grit blasting cabinets for some fifteen years and swear by it. It is a Godsend when cleaning a brass model after changes have been made to it requiring soldering and is great for removing paint from most plastics without destroying detail. More recently I have found a wholesaler who handles them and have added them to the goods supplied by New England Rail Service. The working space is 11 1/2 x 18 x 22 so it is comfortable to work on models in. Aluminum oxide grit is available for them in 60, 120 and 220 size in 10 lb. pails for $20 to $22 per pail depending on grit size. By the time shipping is considered a cabinet and grit should be less than $200, which is considerably less than I paid for mine at the dealer cost from North Coast years ago.

Excuse the crass commercial but if anyone would like further information on them they can contact me off line.

Don Valentine

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