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Rob M.

According to Mr. Fischer's "Only Yesterday on the L&NE" "Prior to 1959, all L&NE boxcars were painted in traditional reddish brown, or boxcar red. Near the end of railroad opeations, the L&NE broke with tradition and adopted a new painting format that reflected their diesel locomotive decorations. As boxcars were shopped, they were painted in overall black with white stenciling. Although the 1930's vintage 'Fried Egg' medallion was retained, there was variation concerning the application of wide, white, sill stripes and billboard" pp134-135.

There are approxmiately ten of the 1923 ARA cars pictured in this book in various stages and letters.

Rob Mondichak.

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What is the earliest documented date that the Billboard lettering was used?

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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While by no means claiming to be an expert on the LNE X29, I had done some research on the paint schemes the LNE gave this series and the associated details. Most of this info came from this groups Mr. Hendrickson and Eric Neubauers guide on LNE freight cars along with what published photos I had access to. I've identified six different schemes used on these cars. If you would like, I can forward you my small bit of info. It is in a MS word doc. Based on my info, an somewhat educated guess of maybe between 15-20% of the cars received the billboard lettering you refer to.

Greg Bartek

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I'm building one of the Speedwitch cars for a rebuilt LNE boxcar. The
instructions say some of the cars were repainted in the late 1950's block
lettering. Not being to knowledgeable about the LNE are there any LNE
experts out there that can say with any degree of certainty how much of the
fleet got repainted in the LNE block lettering scheme. ted supplies decals
to model either scheme, but I am wondering which one was more typical.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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