Hoppers with punch press scrap (was New York Central train consists)

David Payne

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The car had previously been loaded with punch press scrap (strips of sheet
steel with multiple shapes cut out of it) which hadn't been entirely
unloaded from the hopper pockets before the slag was loaded. One miserable day.
We finally ended up cutting the chains so the door would swing free to get
the load to move. What a mess.

So, it is entirely possible to have a hopper car loaded with scrap. In
theory, the magnet should be able to pick most, if not all, of it out.

In the late 1960s, 3-bay Southern hoppers with ALUMINUM punch press scrap
were interchanged between the CG (SOU) and the WPR (A&WP) at Newnan, Ga.
Aluminum wouldn't be picked up by a magnet. I'm sure some pieces were left
when the car was unloaded.

Another interesting thing about this movement was that the cars were loaded
in Forest Park, taken about 20 miles south to Griffin, brought west about
25 miles to Newnan, then handled about 40 miles back to Atlanta by the
A&WP. Forest Park is about 15 miles south of Atlanta.

Shipper car routing ... I assume.

David Payne
Acworth, Ga
nee Raymond, Ga
on the CofGa Ry

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