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Jim Betz wrote:
I have found that the #158s (and all other 'more scale' couplers) are harder to pick than "old reliable" #5s. And significantly harder if you are trying to uncouple a #58 size head with a #5 size. When op'ing on layouts
with all/lots of #58 size heads you see more hands grabbing the cars. Don't get me wrong ... I love the whisker couplers - but find that they are slightly more likely to not uncouple as easily if the track the coupled cars are on is anything other than straight. And they don't "play well with others".
Jim, I'd agree entirely with these observations. My feeling is that the biggest problem comes when the two cars to be uncoupled have relatively close coupling, so that it's harder to get the pick in there to do the job. And I have also observed that a #5/#58 or #78 pair is more of a problem that two #58s. But the smaller heads do look great, so I'm sure we're not going back. And as for the occasional problems on curved track, where one or both drawbars have to be nudged to couple, well, that's exactly what happens on the prototype. If anything, we should welcome that little additional bit of accuracy! Just my two cents.

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