Re: Kadee 158's uncoupling tool

Joseph Melhorn

Is this what you are referring to:
? I make my own uncoupling tools from a Staedtler Retractable 2mm Drafting
Pencil and a 2mm piece of steel rod (available from LHS). I remove the piece
of lead, cut the 2mm steel to 5", then grind a point on one end and a chisel
point on the other end. Nice thing about the drawing pencil is that the
steel is retractable and the pencil clips into your shirt pocket. Also good
for herding slow moving operators along in front of you <grin>.

Joe Melhorn
Orangevale, CA

Some years ago now, somebody sold a manual uncoupling device that you would
insert between the two knuckles and give a small twist to uncouple.
The tip had the same shape as a Zulu warrior spear head. I remember it
working very well.
Pierre Oliver

--- In, "Clark Propst" <cepropst@...> wrote:

I've replaced the couplers on 50 cars with Kadee 158 scale knuckle
'whisker' couplers and am about to do another 50. But, the local ops guys
have trouble uncoupling them with a wood skewer. Is there a better tool to

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