Re: Replacement Domes for Athearn Tank Car?

D. Scott Chatfield

Steve Kay wrote:

I am preparing to do a model of a UP 0-50-6 tank car and am considering basing this on an Athearn blue box car. THe dome on this model is apparently too small. Does anyone make a replacement part for this? Or better yet, is there a more accurate model of this design? There is an article in the March 1999 MRR that describes a major rebuild of the dome,which I would like to avoid if possible.

Details Associates offered a resin dome for the Athearn tank, part# 6219, but it's been out of stock for some time. You might find one covered in dust at a hobby shop. It's just a taller version of the molded dome. However, if the UP's O-50-6 needs a fatter dome, you're in trouble.

Scott Chatfield

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