Re: Kadee 158s

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

I simply do not understand the wisdom of replacing standard sized Kadee couplers with scale #158s. The effect of the 158's scale-sized head is completely lost by its hanging out on a long shank (like a giraffe), and while the large standard #5 Kadee head effectively hides the gaping open mouth of the huge coupler box.

Moreover, the combination of the small scale head and the long #158 shank now allows ugly fish mouth face of this huge coupler box to be fully exposed.

If close coupling operational problems are disturbing, leave the large couplers in place.

If close coupling does not bother you, and you do not want to install scale-sized coupler boxes, then use Kadee short shank #153s (the closeness of the coupler head at least tries to hide the embarrassing large coupler box just behind).

What do I do? I use the Accumate Protos as my standard; but I also use a lot of the #153s. Both are excellent in their own ways.


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