Re: PRR R-60 express reefer

Bob Johnson <bobjohnson@...>

John, Bruce and list,

Following are the quantities of PRR express reefers for several dates:

Class built 1-1-47 1-1-50 1-1-55 1-1-60 1-1-67 1-1-68
R50 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
R50a 1 1 1 1 0 0 0
R50b 550 547 546 412 154 6 0
R60 36 33 16 2 0 0 0

Bob Johnson

"Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D." wrote:

The R-60 reefer was a relatively rare bird - I don't have the exact number
on hand, but the class numbered around 30 when built (early 1900s). By the
transition era, only a few were left in service. It is an interesting car
as it had some unique features, such as a central corridor (where the doors
are) with two seperate refrigerated sections. A far more common sight
would have been the R-50 express reefer, which numbered in the thousands.
Hopefully, we will see a resin R-50 in the very near future (the scuttlebut
says so...).

As Richard noted, photos of PRR express reefers have documented travel all
over the continent, so the possibility does exist that an R-60 would show
up on the Santa Fe, however, the later in the steam era, the less likely,
and the R-60 was usually assigned to a specific service rather than roaming
where needed.

Having said all this, I too have the Railworks R-60 (nice model) and even
though I model PRR, that particular reefer will not show up too often on my
layout...even in 1944 its a bit of an oddball.

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