Re: Sergent Engineering couplers (was Kadee 158s)

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Comments, please.

There are, apparently, at least two who have converted to Sergent Engineering couplers. Clearly the Sergent couplers are somewhat more expensive but appearance should be quite a bit better than even the so-called "scale" couplers from other manufacturers.

Is scale appearance worth the extra cost or are there other benefits as well?

From what has been said on this forum and the information on the Sergent Engineering web site (much improved since the last time I visited), it seems there would be an increase in the realism of the brakeman's duties on a model railroad. Since, on model railroads, the local takes far too long to make its run when compared to the time it takes the "hot shot" to get from one end of the layout to the other, would the Sergent couplers speed up or slow down the local's progress?

With Sergent couplers all uncoupling and most coupling would have to take place within fairly easy reach from the aisle. Is there a remote uncoupling possibility with Sergents?

Gene Green

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