Re: UP 40' auto box

Tim O'Connor

Richard, do you have or do you know of any photos of these cars?
I have never seen one. Terry's book does not include them since
they were originally built long before 1936.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. I would love to have a book dedicated to rebuilt box cars.
It's a very interesting subject!

UP 471441 was an A-50-7 class car, originally wood sheathed but
rebuilt ca. 1940 into a steel sheathed car. The steel rebuilds kept
the original Bettendorf underframes and 5-5-5 corrugated ends with
two additional corrugations at the top. Roofs were panel steel,
doors were 12' double corrugated, trucks were AAR with spring planks,
running boards were wood, hand brakes were Ajax or Universal, and
couplers were bottom-operated Type E. A kitbash is possible based on
a model of a 10'6" IH AAR standard box car (e.g., Intermountain), but
double doors would have to added and the underframe replaced.

Richard Hendrickson

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