Re: Sergent Engineering couplers (was Kadee 158s)

Dennis Storzek

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The question is whether there is remote uncoupling possibility with the Sergent couplers.  I can't imagine how.  As I understand the principle, a tiny metal ball keeps the knuckle closed.  The magnet held above the coupler raises the ball out of its seat so the knuckle will open.
Sergent used to sell "remote uncoupler", it was a U shaped casting that held a little rare earth magnet. This was to be placed on top of the coupler while the cars were still in reach, and kept the locking ball raised. The car to be spotted was then pushed to where it needed to go, and the uncoupler came back with the car doing the pushing, where it was retrieved and went back in the switchman's pocket. For some reason I don't see it on the Sergent web site anymore.


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