Re: Sergent Engineering couplers (was Kadee 158s)

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I have found that operations... local switching and way freights...
move at a slower pace than switching with other coupler systems. And
you are correct that the operations must be within easy reach of the
aisle. This means that the train is assembled for the evening's
operations on the on-stage portion of the layout and then backed off-
stage to the staging track complete.

My layout is a switching layout based upon the end of an eastern
Kansas ATSF branch line. Service is a single train down the line and
return to the junction daily except Sunday. With such an operation
there is no "hot shot" to worry about. My train is a mixed train
powered by a motorcar. All consists are less than 1,000 tons.

Hope that the above provides some answers.
I am modeling a one train a day Santa Fe branchline on a shelf. I will be using Sergents. My operations will be the same as Bill's.
Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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