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Bruce Smith

On Sun, June 21, 2009 8:17 pm, Jack Mullen wrote:
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I was disappointed to see that the history of this car was basically
ignored. Built as a clone of the 1927 cars, the measurements shown in
drawing indicate that it was rebuilt to the 12' 11" eave height at some
Are you sure? Bill Welch's monograph and ORER entries indicate that the
rebuilt cars were renumbered into the 57000-59999 series. The drawings are
based on 50220, still bearing its original number. The eave height isn't
called out on the MR drawing, but it scales about 12'8". The running board
height is dimensioned 13' 4 1/4" vs. 13' 3 5/8" in the drawing reproduced
in the 1931 Cyc. I think the small difference is consistent with the
change to a steel roof and steel running board, but not enough to allow a
3" increase in the carbody height.

Oops <G> You're right of course. I was looking at the wrong measurements!
The car was rebuilt post WWII, as seen by the "rivet plates" on the side
sill, but it looks like it kept its original height, or close to it.

I'm surprised that nobody has commented on the really odd thing in the MR
drawing - the two-level floor shown in the cross-sections.
I wonder if that is an attempt to show the floor grates?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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