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Many of us reading these posts remember our good friend Byron Rose, the RPA of Pittsburgh Scale Models, who offers arguably the best looking scale width coupler box in HO, manufactured in polyurethane resin. They are priced quite reasonable, and I think he sells them in packs of 5 pairs.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA
Just to give credit where credit is due, the idea if modeling the coupler yoke and draft stops in relief IS directly copied from Byron's part, with his permission. Someone showed me his resin boxes just about the time we were building a new mold for brake details / coupler box covers that would used for all our boxcars. I had never given much thought to the detailing of the coupler covers, simply placing our tradename there as many other manufacturers did, because the part was overly wide, and therefore not really a model of anything. Byron's part convinced me that the detailing looked pretty good, even if it was not to scale, so I contacted the RPA and asked if he'd have a problem with us doing something similar in our kits. Byron's response was go right ahead, that he had done the parts to show manufacturers what was possible.

It also sowed the seeds of an idea to design a coupler that could make use of a box that was the same width of a scale center sill, so that the detailing on the under surface of the box would be to scale. This we subsequently did with the PROTO:HO Accumate.

Since that time, I've designed new models to use EITHER box equally well; the narrow box can be substituted easily on both the gon and triple hopper. However, I haven't invested the toolmaking time to add that detail to the wide boxes; if you want a scale draft gear, you need to use closer to scale couplers.

From: Tim O'Connor

Dennis I agree your Proto:HO coupler box looks great. I only
wish it were molded in polystyrene. It's not easy to work with
and mounting with screws is sometimes not possible.
Tim, we need the strength and low friction properties of an engineering resin to ensure that our tiny little couplers are robust enough to stand up to the rigors of service. If we made the boxes from styrene, people would try to use only glue to attach them, and the couplers would knock the covers off during hard couplings. Then everyone would complain that they were "no good", because they "always" fail. Form has to follow function, not wishful thinking.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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