Re: Well, that's . . . odd


Tim O'Connor wrote:

<snip> I have a couple dozen opened bottles of Scalecoat and I routinely
put thinned paint back in the bottle. They only gel when the cap is not
airtight. Floquil bottles seem to have the best airtight seals.

and Aidrain Bridgeman wrote:

"Once a can of POR-15 is opened you have to use it all in the same
session, but if you add a whiff of propane to the top of the can before
you seal it it prolongs the shelf life so that the contents are still
liquid several weeks later."

I am missing something because doesn't the old trick of storing the
paint containers upside down still make an "air-tight" seal; although it
cannot prevent air from entering the container upon opening.

Replacing the "air" with an inert gas such as nitrogen would probably
work better than propane.

Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

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