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Tony, As I recall, the Microscale Associated Oil Company decals are printed in red for use on filling stations. In the few pictures of Associated Oil tank cars that I have seen, the lettering appears to be white on a black car, or black on a light-colored car. The light-colored cars, which seem to be "earlier," do not have the "flying A" emblem on them. The "later," black, cars do carry the emblem but it is the "flying A" enclosed in a circle. There are no words on the emblem.

To complicate what I said about paint schemes, a photo of an Associated Oil tank car, painted black with white lettering, appeared in an Oil and Gas Journal, about 1921. The car does not have the "flying A" emblem on it.



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I recently did a search to see if anyone makes the "Flying A"
emblem for Associated Oil Company, later also used by Tidewater
Associated, in HO scale. I did not find any, although Microscale makes
an O scale decal for filling stations. I will proceed to make artwork
for all the tank car lettering, and arrange production, which is
mostly for my own needs, but if there are others out there interested
in such decals, let me know. I will be happy to share them at cost.

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