Re: Freight car maintenance

Joseph Lofland

Well, if you cars use a card system, and the cars go into a yard to be
classified, make the rip track part of the move every once in a while. Do
the maintance then....clean wheels , check coupler height, etc etc. Do it
for all your rolling stock. Then everything goes through maintance. If
things need fixed, replaced, you will have a means/ system to take care of
all of it.

Joe Lofland

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 1:25 PM, armprem1 <armprem2@...> wrote:

What are some the suggested routine (scheduled) maintenance practices for
freight cars.? Some of my older cars are not as free wheeling as they once
were,couplers are not as reliable,etc.I thought this might lead to the
sharing of some ideas that would help prevent poor operation, especially
when company comes.Armand Premo

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