Hal Carstens this morning


Hal Carstens peacefully died this morning at his home near Newton, New Jersey. He had been in good health, happy, and spry enough to have been a dinner speaker at a recent NMRA gathering in Texas. I was proud to know him.

He did a lot for the hobby, and a short list of accomplishments includes (from the NMRA):

"Carstens, Harold H. NJ President Carstens Pubications, Inc., Publisher Railroad Model Craftsman and Railfan & Railroad. Holds NMRA Distinguished Service Award 1962, Past President Hobby Industry Association 1971-1972, Model Railroad Industry Association 1977-1978, Train Collectors Association 1964-1965. NMRA Life Member. Member NMRA Museum Committee. Editor, Author, HO, train collector. Secretary, Eastern MRR Manufacturers 1956-1962. HIAA Meritorious Award of Honor 1979. HIAA MRR Division Big Wheel Award 1987. NMRA Model RR Man of the Year Award 1989. MRIA HALL OF FAME 1996. Listed in Who's Who in America. Train collection has been displayed in Williamsburg; Trenton State Museum, and National Geographic Hall, Washington.? Arrangments are currently being made."

It was a good run, Hal.

Mike Del Vecchio
former-Carstens employee

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