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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Mike Del Vecchio wrote:
Hal Carstens peacefully died this morning at his home near Newton, New Jersey. He had been in good health, happy, and spry enough to have been a dinner speaker at a recent NMRA gathering in Texas. I was proud to know him.
He did a lot for the hobby, and a short list of accomplishments includes . . .
Thanks for letting us know, Mike, and I'd endorse your comments. His column in recent years did suggest he was living in the distant past, as far as modeling was concerned, but he had good priorities back in the day, which is why many prototype-oriented modelers preferred his magazine to our hobby's "Big Blue." And he had the good judgement to hire Tony Koester and Bill Schaumburg. Personally, he was a very nice man, as long as you didn't catch him in "grumpy mode." He's another giant gone.

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