Grand Trunk 16205

James McDonald

Hello all,

A friend is trying to date a photo from a picture postcard. He suspects the photo on it dates from the early 1900's but there is no date, photographer's mark, or other identifying information on the reverse of the postcard. However, on the card in one area can be seen the A end of a freight car (box or stock is unclear) lettered "GRAND TRUNK 16205".

He cropped and enlarged that section of the photo and with his permission I've uploaded it to the group files (presently waiting on moderator approval) in the album "Grand Trunk 16205". I'm hoping you can help me identify the car.

The end seems to be quite similar to Fowler cars. Judging by the lack of sill steps I suspect the photo must be taken before 1910. However, I'm unable to get closer to establishing a date for the photo than that on my own.

Are there among us any with a deep knowledge of Grand Trunk rolling stock? It'd be nice to be able to wrap some dates around the photo, but I'd also be curious how long this car (or its brethren) was in service.

Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

All the best,

James McDonald
Greenbelt, MD

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