Re: Color of the PRR X31 Boxcar at Cajon Pass

Jim Lancaster

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Does any one wish to comments about the color of the PRR X31 boxcar
also captured in this sequence of photos from Cajon Pass.

PRR's FCC (freight car color) varied depending on the era. The car
shown is in the shadow keystone scheme, which would have been a more
red-brown, less orange color than a car in the ball/circle keystone
scheme. In addition, the car shown has significant weathering of the
body paint, which appears to be an all-over sooty brown, also
darkening the apparent color of the paint. So to sum it up, it looks
like a nicely weathered X31A, the color seems to be accurately
captured (not shifted), but it should not be misconstrued to
represent anything like the original color.

Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL
I went to Cajon Pass that day in 1964 to photograph passenger trains. I'm glad the freight cars are of interest as well.

Jim Lancaster

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