What is holding up UTLX tank car kits

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

Regarding these kits and what is holding up their release from Sunshine Models, the catch is that Martin L. is having difficulty finding someone to do the photoetched parts in the kit. The patterns are done for the underframe. The underframe is designed to have its length easily changed to accomodate different length tanks. Designed essentially to use the InterMountain 8K & 10K tanks, one will be able to easily shorten the underframe to fit a Life Like 8K or 10K tank to it, for example. I know I specifically acquired extra undecorated LL kits with this in mind.

I will use the extra LL underfrmaes that result with the smaller tanks Tichy is planning to do as extra parts to be fitted with alteration to his underframe.

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