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A good place to start to get the answers you're looking for is Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #3. In that issue is a great article on boxcar painting which includes an excellent paint chart for many US roads. The issue is out of print, but with luck you might find one.

As has been pointed out many times on this list after some time in service the elements will alter the perceived colour of cars a great deal. I do find though that using the suggested colours in the chart is a good place to start and then weather to taste.
Pierre Oliver

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Good day group:
I am relatively new to the group, and have read with much interest all posts and replies. I have learned quite a bit just from monitoring the groups' emails. I now have a question:
I have finished detailing some USRA DS boxcars, c.1930's, for the MoPac, RI, and Frisco, and am at the painting stage. I know that the basic color is freight car / boxcar red, but are there specific shades one would recommend? Any help or input is greatly appreciated.
Keep up the great work and, and thank you for allowing me to be a member of the group
Michael B. McAnally

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