Re: Cleanout or washout track for reefers a Question (Procedures)

Neville Rossiter <rossiters@...>

You could be right in saying that and it can be frustrating, but I don't
want to get into that subject as I am new here and had the audacity to ask
for help on virtually my first posting.
I have had trouble finding information with another freight car unloading
area and have shelved the idea till I can spend more time on it maybe I
haven't asked the right people but I will get the cleaning area finished
first before I start on another project.
And I stress I truly appreciate the help I've been given so far.


I certainly agree. The model press devotes little, if any space, to how
freight cars are loaded or unloaded and this, to me, is absolutely vital in

properly modeling the freight equipment and the industry whether receiving

David Payne
Acworth, Ga

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