Re: Color of the PRR X31 Boxcar at Cajon Pass

Greg Martin

Steve and all,

I found the photos to be a bit shifted as well and lacking a bit of saturation, perhaps it is a result of the age of the photos. I did a bit of color correction and the photos look far better. This allowed the color of the PRR boxcar to loose it brownish hue and come back around to what I would consider far closer to thePRR freight car color I have found. Though the colors of PRR boxcars did change over time there is good photo evidence that the initial color (see the Prophet's Penny book just released byt he PRRT&HS yes a shameless plug) of a new or newly repianted cars in the 50s, particularly during the introduction of the "Shadow Keystone/ Billboard lettering" paint scheme was a red oxide color but did naturally weather toward the deeper red-brownish color as is evidence in this photo, but the deeper red-brown color didn't appear on new or newly repainted until after the coverage of this list.

Greg Martin

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I find just as instructive the colour shift on the GTW auto boxcar in the third photo, which would have likely been painted within the same time frame as the "shadow keystone" PRR car--circa 1956. The GTW used CN Red #11, and the colour shift from that standard CN system colour is quite marked in the photo.

Steve Lucas.

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Does any one wish to comments about the color of the PRR X31 boxcar
captured in this sequence of photos from Cajon Pass.

It is less like the bright oxide red that some freight car people
describe. The colors do not appear to be shifted in these

Bob Witt

PRR's FCC (freight car color) varied depending on the era. The car
shown is in the shadow keystone scheme, which would have been a more
red-brown, less orange color than a car in the ball/circle keystone
scheme. In addition, the car shown has significant weathering of the
body paint, which appears to be an all-over sooty brown, also
darkening the apparent color of the paint. So to sum it up, it looks
like a nicely weathered X31A, the color seems to be accurately
captured (not shifted), but it should not be misconstrued to
represent anything like the original color.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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