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Hi Earl:

The GTW rebuilt its double sheathed USRA box cars as well as a number of 1920-built former inside-sheathed Grand Trunk autocars with 7/8 Murphy ends into steel-sheathed box car and autocar rebuilds ca 1935 to 1940. These rebuilds were rostered by both the GTW and its parent CNR.

The extent of this program (except for the USRA rebuilds done in 1935) was effectively detailed in my RMJ article series of a year or so back. All the feed-stock ends were extended in width to meet the new steel sides by approx. 9-inch by 2-inch angles with the 9-inch portion riveted to the end and the 2-inch portion riveted to the side.

You may want to look at these cars in the context of your review of this topic.

> > A spotting feature for almost all cars reusing the
> original ends is an indentation where the end joins the
> car side, again from increasing the width of the
> carbody. The exception, of course, was the Pennsy
> X26C USRA SS rebuilds.

The SP rebuilds used a wide "wraparound" piece to
extend from the ends onto the new sides, thus no indent.
Youngstown appears to have offered two versions of corner
post contruction for their USRA rebuild kit. See the 1943
CBC, page 424. There you see details on both the "notched"
corner post and the Alternate Corner Post (YSD's term.)
The former used a 1/4" plate steel (not rolled) Z riveted
to the outside of the end sheets' flange. The latter
required torching off the end sheet flange and riveting on
a wide 1/4" plate steel angle (not rolled,) or what Tony
calls a "wraparound" piece. The corner was also internally
reinforced with a 3" rolled Z.

It appears to me that the Alternate Corner Post required
additional fabrication and installation work for the crews
doing the rebuilding. Not only must the flange be torched
off, but in doing so, the old end ladder mounting locations
were lost in the process (at least on the PMcKY rebuilds.)
I don't see a readily apparent advantage to this design.

Besides the SP and PRR cars previously mentioned, and the
PMcKY SS rebuilds, do we know if any other roads used the
Alternate Corner Post?

Earl Tuson

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