Re: FtDDM&S Mather Box Cars

Ian Cranstone

From: Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>
There is a photo in the Charles Winters collection of a Fort Dodge, Des
Moines & Southern Mather box car repainted and reweighed at Mather's
Chicago Ridge shops in March, 1955, apparently at the time the car was
leased to the FtDDM&S (as there is no listing for 14000 series cars in the
1/55 or earlier ORERs). There is also no listing for these cars in the
10/58 ORER, so the lease period was apparently brief. Can anyone with ORER
issues between those dates confirm how many cars Mather leased to the
FDtDM&S and what the exact number series was?
The series is 14001-14010 (10 cars). They first appeared in the July 1955
issue -- there was obviously a bit of a time lag in their reporting to the
ORER as they didn't appear in the April 1955 issue despite the March 1955
reweigh date. These cars disappeared sometime between the January 1958 and
July 1958 issues.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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