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Does anyone have information for a Streator Car Co.? The Wabash
show that two series of cars were built by the above company.
Composite gons 10125 - 10524 built in 1925, and 40' wood outside
brace auto cars 46700 - 46999 built in 1926.
In April, I attended a joint Santa Fe - CB&Q society meet in
Streator, IL and with a visit to the Streator Historical Society was
able to answer my own question. A company was formed in 1906 in
Streator as the Crawford Locomotive & Car Co. Mr. Crawford had a
contract with the Santa Fe for repairing a large number of cars, and
with this as a foundation was able to raise the capital to erect a
plant. From 1908 thru 1912 the plant built the steel underframes for
8000 cars and rebuilt 5000 cars. During rush periods, as high as
1000 men were employed at the plant which covered thirty acres with
buildings, tracks, and material yards. The plant was bordered by the
Santa Fe on the west, and the Wabash (former Chicago & Paducah) on
the east.

An article written in 1912 stated that the company's specialty was
rebuilding and re-enforcing freight cars, providing steel underframes
and wooden bodies. At the time of the article, the Crawford Co. was
working on a large contract building wood gondolas for the DT&I and
Detroit Southern. At the same time the company was working on a
large order of steel center sills for the CB&Q. The biggest share of
business was still with the Santa Fe. In 1912,two experimental steel
passenger cars were built for the Santa Fe under plans and
specification of the railroad.

In 1918, Crawford Co. recapitalized to build passenger cars starting
in 1919. The Streator Car Co. was formed in 1919 on the same
property. This is where the information got hazy. Perhaps Streator
car took over the freight car business for Crawford. Crawford Co.
was gone by 1922. Do not know how many passenger cars they built or
rebuilt during that time. The Streator Car Co. operated into 1928
with Goerge Donnersberger as President of the company and Frank
Donnersberger as VP and Mgr. A city directory shows the company
gone in 1929.

Chet French

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