Re: Why so little discussion on coal car models?

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 3, 2009, at 2:11 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

This whole thread is predicated on a dearth of discussion about
coal cars??? What kind of a red herring is THAT? It seems to me
we've been talking about coal cars more or less continuously for
the last 12 years!!

Yes, and those of us who don't live in coal country are getting
mighty tired of it. I understand the interest (obsession?) with
hoppers on the part of those who model eastern and some midwestern
lines, and I'm happy to go on pushing the delete button when we have
these endless discussions of where N&W hoppers went and why. But
really, guys, coal hopper cars were (as I believe I've said here
before) less common in many parts of the far west than helium tank
cars or bulk wine tank cars. Those who doubt it can see my Wine Tank
Car clinic at Naperville in October, which includes a photo on the SP
at Fresno showing ±40 wine tank cars - and not a coal hopper in
sight. The fuels that powered almost everything west of the Front
Range, including most steam locomotives, were natural gas and oil
(or, as they say in Texas, "awl.") Much of that was moved in tank
cars, of which we don't have nearly enough variety in prototypical
tank car models, though things are a bit better now than they were
five years ago.

Richard Hendrickson

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