Re: Why so little discussion on coal car models?

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The Rutland commonly had B&O coal hoppers running on their system,
especially ones delivered to the OLC division in Northern NY State.

CP received a lot of coal in B&O hoppers as well from the
Ogdensburg/Prescott ferry connection.


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   Andy,I must vehemently disagree.Pennsy and B&O hoppers were sent all over.I have several years of company coal reports which show heavy traffic by both the B&O and Pennsy hoppers among others .Coal was a common commodity contributing to a very high percentage of traffic on most railroads during the steam era.Some railroads actually sent their hoppers to mines.The N&W shipped a bulk of its coal to tidewater terminals ,but still sent some over land routes.Armand Premo
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 One of the reasons may be that coal cars (hoppers and some gons) were for the most part captive cars. That is, they remained on the home road. Yes there were exceptions, many exceptions. This list waxed eloquent for months about a N&W hopper on Sherman hill ;-) But for the most part the only prototype modelers interested in N&W hoppers, are N&W modelers. The only people interested in PRR hoppers are PRR modelers, and so on. In that vein, note that the three most common PRR hoppers are readily available: The H21 and GLa from Bowser, and the GLCA from Westerfiled and newly released from F&C. The N&W H2 was made by both ECW and BLI.


 Andy Miller
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 I've been on this list, and the old list, and I wonder why so little discussion is about modeling coal cars.

 Is it because so few members are interested in railroads operating in eastern coal country, or modelers of coal roads need so many coal cars they are forced to go with cheaper RTR cars to just fill up an operating consist in their lifetime, or other reason(s)?

 It would be interesting to know why so few 50, 70, 100 and 120-ton coal cars (hops and gons) of the steam era are not discussed in more detail currently. You can find many modeling magazine articles from the mid-1970 through the 1980s . . . and then few except for in MM later on. Sunshine sold out their high-sded gons rather quickly, and Westerfield has their N&W GK gons. But then it appears to spotty in being able to find accurate offerings . . . except for post-WW2 Atlas and Athearn RTRs . . . especially in the pre-WW2 era models . . . other than USRA cars.

 I guess we could throw in coke cars with these also.

 I'd be interested in knowing why.

 Al Kresse

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