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I kitbashed one of these in HO several years ago. A picture and brief description of its construction can be found at:
It will be on display at a fuel oil dealer's siding on the North Shore Model RRClub during the NMRA convention tours next Tuesday.


Andy Miller

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Like Jared and others I would like some small tank cars too. This is a good
segue to a question I have been meaning to ask. The Ethyl corporation had
some small capacity tanks for lead anti-knock compound. I have seen some
color photos of these cars in a colorful paint scheme with a triangular
herald. My question to the list is, how common was this ethyl scheme? Was
it the dominate (only?) scheme used by Ethyl in the 50's or were many more
cars painted black with only leasing information? Refer to pages 17, 121,
132 of Kaminski's ACF Tank car Book for photos.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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