Re: Cleanout or washout track for reefers a Question

Neville <rossiters@...>

Tony and group.
As a follow up on the discussion of cleaning reefers.
On My Railroad I have a Printing Works due to this discussion the PFE Reefers that go to the Produce shed, after cleaning, will now be switched to the printing works to be loaded with magazines or phone books whatever for the West.
I am in the process of changing the computer program to suit.
Ice Cream will now not be sent out in these reefers there are other changes but not revelent to this discussion.
Just thought I would let you know that something actually did happen from our discussion and I am willing to listen and make changes.
Thanks to all who enlightened me!
Mission Accomplished!
Neville.(In West Australia)

PFE people told me that empty PFE cars were routed directly from
eastern unloading points to those printers, so they were probably
cleaned under contract--the exact thing Neville wants to model. One
big customer was the Saturday Evening Post.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA

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