Re: Why so little discussion on coal car models?


Coal cars can be either FB gondola or HB gondola cars.  If you had amechanical car dumper, a simple FB gon was the way to go . . . hopper cars were just more flexible.

Al Kresse

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 There is currently a modest thread on this list regarding wine tank cars.? At least about off loading them.? We have had discussions on western GS gons before.? There have even been some small discussions of helium tank cars and many discussions of tank cars in general.? In all those threads, no once did I see anyone who does not model western roads disparage the discussions or take the attitude -- I'm not interested in these so stop talking about them -- as has been expressed about open top hoppers.?

No one has begrudge discussions about cars primarily found in the west.? Discussions about primarily mid-atlantic cars have elicited such a response.? One must wonder why the difference in attitude.

It seems to me that the original question posed in the thread title did not limit the discussion to open top hoppers.? "...coal car models?"? This does not exclude the GS gons and in fact includes them.? Yes, the discussion evolved to open top hoppers but nothing prevented those with an interest in GS gons from making comments about the lack of a variety of those cars.? And that includes the eastern road GS gons.? Just because most of them had the drop floors weld closed with the advent of the hopper does not lessen the fact they existed and are lacking for the most part among the available models.

Rich Orr



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Dave Evans (replying to Richard Hendrickson) wrote:
So please don't characterize this as an obsession. For many it is a  
VERY big gap.
      Okay, it's not an obsession. But westerners who want more wine  
tank cars (and we won't bore you with what we need in helium cars --  
<g>) will expect patience when WE hold forth on similar subjects. Coal  
cars just ain't one of them. Unless, that is, you too hanker for 46-
foot D&RGW and WP GS gondolas. There's your western coal car gap.

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