What is missing from our fleets?

Eric Hansmann

It is always interesting to read the STMFC digests, even more so with the current discussion
threads of "Prototype for new resin kits" and "Why so little discussion on coal car models?" We
have a wealth of freight car knowledge here among the membership. Can we try to determine
freight car kit possibilities from a prototype standpoint? The suggestions for the SP flat cars
were most interesting. Here are some recommended parameters so we can filter through the
massive freight car fleets and see what is missing as models that could benefit most of us if
it were produced. Take copious notes to share specific info with the group. Let's also keep
this to HO scale recommendations as that may benefit a larger segment of the group.

Step One: Consider your top two or three prototype railroads, or private companies, and review
the ORER data to determine what car class/type/lot number of the largest quantity in the
pre-1960 period that you model. Choose those freight cars that have not been previously
produced as a kit or RTR detailed to current levels.

Step Two: Determine the span of time these cars were in-use.

Step Three: If possible, provide a link to an on-line image of the cars.

Here are some examples:

Car 1 ::
1000 Built in 1907 as LS&MS 57000-57999, became NYC 335000-335999
In service to 1938.

Also Lot 204-G
2000 Built in 1907 as CI&S 183000-184999, became NYC 338000-339999
In service to 1946
Shop drawing: http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/images/lot-204.jpg

Car 2 ::
1000 Built in 1907 as NYC&HR 33500-34499, became NYC 333000-333999
In service to 1944.

Also Lot 205-G
1000 Built in 1907 as LS&MS 56000-56999, became NYC 334000-334999
In service to 1941

Also Lot 205-G
1000 Built in 1907 as MCRR 6000-6999.
In service to 1948
Shop Drawing: http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/images/lot-205.jpg
Image: http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/images/mcrr-6932.jpg

Before anyone grumbles about how these cars did not "run into my modeling era", or "that's only
3000 cars each", these were just quick examples I grabbed from Terry Link's Canada Southern
site. I think we can all make more sense if we can include some detail and reference to the
suggestions. If links can't be provided, book title, author and page number is fine.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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