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The C-D-S sets were very useful for most Canadian cars. But they often used generic fonts for the dimensional and weight data on CN cars.

CPR used a proprietary font in the steam era known as the "Bury" font. The style is especially noticeable in the number "3" of this font. C-D-S did a good job on these as a rule.

CN used a number of fonts. One font used a fair bit at CN appears to have originated with the Intercolonial/Canadian Government Rys. C-D-S produces a set for the Dennis Storzek steel-frame CGR 40' resin boxcar kit (C-D-S set 393) using this font. AFAIK, there are just a few sets out of the hundreds of CN sets offered by C-D-S that use this font, most using instead a generic, Helvetica-like, font.

C-D-S also had some issues with proper green leaf colour on the CN monogram. Stephen Parachuk mentioned the reweigh and station data issues already. It's a bit of a job to cobble up C-D-S lettering to get this together.

But give C-D-S credit--they produced very creditable work for several decades that helped many serious Canadian modellers of STMFC's. Many of my cars are lettered using their sets.

Steve Lucas.

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Why do you say that? I've always found C-D-S sets to be almost
perfect. Have you found mistakes, or is it something else?

Tim O'Connor

Tim: I've been a CDS user for years but the quality of the printing was declining. A lot of the finer letters and numbers would be either filled in or not there. Black Cat's printing is definitely of a higher quality and the sets are more complete. There's usually alternative dimensional data and a whole range of shop and repack dates. CDS is usually limited to one shop date or just the new date and there is no repack data at all. I don't mean to be harsh because CDS got us through many years when the alternatives were not so great but times have changed. There are lots of very good quality decal sets around these days.
Stephan Parachuk

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