The Great Yellow Fleet

Schuyler G Larrabee <SGL2@...>

Hey Tony Thompson

I printed out an email you sent out last week (Friday) about this book,
which recited some information you have posted before about the reliability
of the information contained therein. I wanted to put it in the book so
that I'd have some idea of what the "problem" with the book is when I look
to it for reference, rather than as is usually the case, remembering that
there was "something not right" about it, but not recalling what it was . .

I looked over the book a bit. In the Acknowledgements, it gives credit to
Donald Duke for the last chapter, which leads me to think that Jack White
did the rest. Sounded like DD said he knew the subject matter for that last
chapter, number 6, regarding PFE and SFRD, and he'd do that chapter. Now,
do you know that there are parts of the preceding chapters that are suspect
as to veracity? Or is there a reason to put a big yellow sheet in the book
at page 149, that says, like on the ancient maps, "Beyond here lie dragons .
. . "

How did it come to pass that JW didn't do the whole book? Seems unlike him,
at least by what I see in his other books, and from what I hear of him

Or is this too messy a story for mixed company?


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